​In Memory of Our Fallen Heroes

We are honored to have the opportunity to fly the following Veterans to their memorials in Washington D.C.

We ask you continue to honor the sacrifice and service by sharing their legacy. Roll over / click each image to read more about the lives of those who have made a profound impact on our Nation.
If a Veteran has passed on and participated on our flight, please email CEOHFA@gmail.com so that we may add them to our page.

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Honor Flight #80 - Venturi Private Wealth Flight: March 31 - April 1
Honor Flight #81 - Maxwell Family Flight: April 21 - 22
Honor Flight #82 - SABOT Development: May 12 - 13
Honor Flight #83 - June 2 - 3


Honor Flight #84 - Laura & Rex Bohls Family Flight: August 25 -26
Honor Flight #85 - Alice Kleberg Reynold's Foundation/KLBJ AM Operation Thank You Flight: September 8 - 9
Honor Flight #86 - Sports Clips Flight: September 29 - 30
Honor Flight #87 - United Heritage Credit Union Charity Foundation: October 27 - 28

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