In Memory

We were honored to have the opportunity to fly the following Veterans to their memorials in Washington D.C. 

We ask you continue to honor the sacrifice and service by sharing their legacy. Roll over / Click each image to read more about the lives of those who have made a profound impact on our Nation. If a Veteran has passed on and participated on our flight, please email so that we may add them to our page.

Travis Budlong     vic      watters

2012-06-13 HFA - Matthews, Thomas Wallace     HFA_Isabelle2      118

ltcolwilliamdonohue            bauman

harry rogers     thomey       294984_395696643810024_232569288_n

Dad as Grand Marshal      deee6340f367b7f8f9aa91c62e114547      bartley

howell      Charles " Kit" Kitowski : HFA # 18      Larry Wynns: HFA # 19

Jesse Scott : HFA #15      scoch      yates

heidemann     smouse      swanson

coffey      hopson     molina

schultz      goodman     pat duncan

Pinner Doris USN WWII      weeden     freytag

ellis      banasau      jackraven

Bob-Germuska      dye      ruth lumbra

beard      young      James McCorquodale

jaime group - Korea     Neundorff      jaramillo

hill     hudgeons       bill campbell

     thornton      robert lee

sappintgon     creel     stanley johnsonskjelbostad      hall2    cates

parker      Levingston    roman kyrish

grant    hargrove      wharton

ray halliburton    kauffman053-204       tom-anderson

kramer    olsen      

lynn     herman      wadsack milt-morgan      dixon       post frenchie    loran-jones       schillers

jack-hitt    joe-barber       buddy-wiegand

bill-rich     hawthorne       flores

dunning     weitzel 1       jack joiner

Calaway     keeney       Henry Franklin walter stanford