LucyCoffeyHonor Flight Austin was delighted to fly Ms. Lucy Coffey to Washington D.C. The trip was a whirlwind of activity from start to finish. Lucy was greeted at her home by several Veterans who drove her to the San Antonio Airport and off to Washington D.C. where she was honored at both the WWII Memorial and the Women’s Memorial.

Allen Bergeron, Chairman of Honor Flight Austin shared, “She’s waited over 65 years to see her memorial. … Not too often we get to bring a veteran to the White House to meet the president and the vice president. They spent some time with her and thanked her for her service…At 108, think of all she has seen. And now she has seen everything that was built for her,”  The World War II Memorial representing the 400,000 killed and the 16 million that served and this beautiful Women’s Memorial that was built in her honor.”

You can view photos of Lucy’s Honor Flight and read more about Lucy on the Honor Flight Austin Facebook page.