Allen Bergeron, Chairman of Honor Flight Austin and Governor Perry visit with Mr. Overton , of Austin, Texas on Memorial Day 2013.

This Memorial Day, Honor Flight Austin arranged for Governor Rick Perry to meet and honor the service of Mr. Overton. Mr. Overton is 107 years old, possibly making him the oldest living WWII Veteran still alive, as well as an Honor Flight Austin Alumni.

Having heard that Mr. Overton was going to be alone on Memorial Day, Allen Bergeron, Chairman of Honor Flight Austin, a veteran himself, set about to arrange a special meeting for Mr. Overton.

“I spoke to the Governor’s office on Saturday thinking what better way to spend Memorial Day than to be with Mr. Overton on his front porch sharing a cigar and stories. This would be a memorial day of a lifetime”.

Sitting on Mr. Overton’s front porch in Austin, Texas, the Governor of Texas asked questions and listened intently as Mr. Overton shared his war experiences as well as his advice on life.

“Shot over my head, between my legs, around my ears and everything, but it wasn’t my day to go. If it’s your day to go you’re going I don’t care what happens.”

Governor Perry, before leaving, gave Mr. Overton a box of his favorite cigars and a bottle of whiskey. Overton is known for adding just a bit of whiskey to his coffee. Mr. Overton shared this is his secret to living longer and feeling well.

Our Country lost more than 400,000 men and women during WWII and today we will lose 1,000 more WWII Veterans.  We want to thank each and every person who has given of themselves to honor the men and women from this Greatest Generation. Our mission remains, to fly our Veterans to Washington D.C. to see the Memorials built to honor their service, “One More Tour with Honor”, free of charge.

Covering our 14 surrounding counties, we have close to 1000 more to take.

These are our most senior veterans, they won’t be here much longer – we don’t have much time. Help us achieve our goal of sending every willing and able WWII veteran to Washington to see their memorial.

If you know of any WWII veterans within your community; please let us know or let the veteran or a family member of the veteran know about Honor Flight.

Thank you!

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