“Overton traveled to Washington, D.C., on May 17 as part of Honor Flight (Austin), a nonprofit group that transports veterans free of charge to memorials dedicated to their service”.

“I was really honored when I got there,” Overton said of his visit to the World War II Memorial. “There were so many people, it was up in the thousands. And we danced and we jumped … them people tickled me to death. It made me happy as can be.”

We want to say, Thank you, to all who give, making our flights free for our Veterans. We are overjoyed that Mr. Overton is as “happy as can be” after flying with Honor Flight Austin to see the memorials erected to show our gratitude as a nation. You did that. Your gift has made many of our local WWII Veterans “happy as can be”. 

We will be flying on May 31, 2013, honoring many more of our local WWII Veterans. Your willingness to honor our Greatest Generation is noted and again, we say, Thank you!

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To read more about Mr. Overton, read the article, “America’s oldest veteran to spend quiet Memorial Day at Texas home” By